Uses For Night Vision Video Cameras

The ability to record in low light conditions requires night vision video cameras. This is done by way of using technology that both offers the optimal level of intensity range, as well as the right amount of spectral range. The reason that we as humans would utilize a video camera with night vision is because we simply don't have the same level of night vision that the rest of the animal kingdom does- owing to our own lack of a tapetum lucidum, the part of the eye that handles seeing in the dark.

Night vision video cameras work either three different technologies. For instance, a video camera with night vision may work by way of image intensification, thermal imaging, or active illumination. Image intensification magnifies the amount of received photons. These come from the more natural light sources, like the moon or the stars. This is however seen more often in low light cameras and night glasses and less in night video cameras.

Thermal imaging catches the temperature differences in the background or foreground around and between different objects, and active illumination brings together both an active source of illumination with imaging intensification technology in the shortwave infrared or the near infrared band.

A night video camera usually works by way of utilizing infrared technology or the thermal imaging. There are a number of different reasons why a customer would opt for a night vision security camera. They enable the camera to continue surveillance without having to have the rest of the area lit up, which can often have an energy savings benefit, in addition to drawing less attention to the property. Most people who use night vision do so for security reasons and for that reason, not having bright lighting around so that the camera will catch everything is a plus as is not having to deal with the glare from the outside lights coming into the home.

Night vision technologies were originally created to locate enemies at night, during combat situations. The military still utilizes this technology but also uses it for surveillance, targeting and navigation, as well. Both police and security might make use of a video camera with night vision technology because it makes recording properties, premises and other areas at night much easier. Nature lovers, hunters and people who have an unknown animal they wish to spot on their property might also set up night cameras, in order to catch animals on tape.

Private investigators and detectives also often utilize this technology as it makes tracking people much easier at night. Businesses and home owners often use it, because it makes monitoring their properties much easier, and helps to keep them safe. This technology is also fairly easy to conceal, particularly the wireless versions as they don't require cords. This is also very beneficial for people who need to have coverage in smaller areas or apartments where more corded night video cameras may not be advisable.


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